Helping kids (5-12)
 – Sleep better at night
– Learn better in school
– Develop more focus, patience, and self-discipline
– Have more success in Sports


My name is Mona Refay, I am a teacher, fitness trainer, storyteller and I created the SNOOGiS…

The SNOOGiS are based on a proven and highly successful concept that was originally developed in Germany and is already helping millions of kids, in Europe , learn better, focus more and sleep better at night.

Here are just some of the thousands of testimonials the stories have received:
As a grandmother of a ADHD child (7 years old) I have had nothing but a positive experience with your stories. After 2 days I felt that my grandson was calmer and he was better able to concentrate. Barbara Koller, Switzerland

“After critical analysis of your stories “Stecki 401”, I was very impressed! I am now more than happy to refer your product to others” Dr. Alexander R. Universität Hamburg

“Your stories were very well received by my students (1st and 3rd graders) especially by my group of hyper active boys! I have never before seen them listen to anything this attentively.” Many greetings Hildegard

As a child, your stories gave me the gift of many wonderful, relaxing and entertaining hours. Now that I know your stories still exist I am excited to tell all my friends that are now parents themselves!. Peter R.


Dear Mr. Refay, your stories have become a pleasant and reassuring addition to our family. Our son is 8 years old and has visual perception disorders including difficulty concentrating and restlessness. I was skeptical, and wondered if he would even be able to listen to the whole story. But after just a few minutes with “Stecki 401” Christian was instantly attached. Now we let Christian take Stecki to sleep and he has become so excited about bedtime. In the past it has been quite a struggle to get Christian to sleep and he would often lay awake for hours. Now he is asleep in at least 5 minutes… when Stecki and Christian take off and fly to the land of dreams” … We are so grateful that we know Stecki!
Best regards, Liane Loss

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I have used the Stecki401 stories in my kindergarten class with great success! The kids get so much out of it. Miss Simone S., Grosshasdorf

My son’s kindergarten teacher told me about Stecki401. Since I ordered the stories a couple of months ago, Florian has been listening to Stecki almost every night and always does the exercises with joy. Yesterday, Florian’s teacher stopped me in the hallway to tell me that his behavior and attention span in class has really improved, I am so proud of Florian! Silvia W. Bremen