• Finally you can NOW start playing your best tennis and start wi
The Start

1st Serve

2. The Perfect 1st Serve!

The perfect 1st serve will help you stay relax and feel confident to establish your dominance and win more points with less effort just like the best players in the world.



3. Pressure!

Now you can program your mind to stay focused and use pressure to your advantage
by keeping the pressure off yourself and shifting it on to your opponent, and

play your best game no matter what the score.



4. The Perfect Returns!

Consistent and aggressive returns are what separate great players from the rest of

the pack. The perfect returns will help you stay to keep your opponent from feeling

confident with his serve and makes it much easier for you to get the break.


Better Players

5. Beat the "Better Player"!

Nothing will help your game improve faster than beating the "better player" The most

determined player on the court is the usual winner. Beat the "Better Player" will

help you stay motivated, stay strong and find a way to beat the better player
with his own weapons.


6. Control Your Emotions!

Many talented players can't play the tennis they are capable of only because they
get nervous and start hitting the ball too short or missing easy shots.
"Control your Emotions" will help you keep your mind sharp and your body relaxed for better ball
control and longer and smoother strokes. Controlling
your emotions will make you a
much better player overnight.


7. Be Your Own Motivator!

Don't let yourself become your own toughest opponent by thinking negatively, talking yourself
down or destroying your own game! Nothing can help your tennis more than better attitude.
By improving your attitude you will be able to beat players and win matches you never thought possible.



8. Make Your Opponent Work Harder!

Pushers are usually not great players. The pusher often tries to make you change your strategy
by hitting every ball without any power just back to you
and wait for you to miss, get angry, lose your confidence or motivation and
give it to him or her. Train your mind to have more
patience and focus on playing your best game with discipline and
determination. Learn to stick to your game plan and do not let the
pusher make you beat yourself.

Close Out

9. Stay on the Top!

Many good players lose matches you could or should easily win just because they relax too early and let the opponent get back in the match. Learn how to stay focused, keep the pressure on and play tough to finish off the opponent, close out the match and win with less effort.


2nd Serve

10. Have an Effective 2nd Serve!

The game's most important stroke is the 2nd serve. The 2nd serve is a complex stroke that requires a unity of body movements and a focused mind to execute perfectly. Learn to hit your 2nd serve with more power and spin to win more easy points with your 2nd serve, and put your opponent under constant pressure.


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